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    On-Wrist Bluetooth Calls, Alexa Voice Assistant, 100+ Sports Modes, Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Oxygen, Sleep Quality,  All-Day Activity Tracker, Notifications, 100+ Watch Faces.




    On-Wrist Bluetooth Calls 

    Experience the ultimate convenience of making and receiving phone calls directly from your wrist. Equipped with a high-quality microphone and speaker, this smart watch allows you to stay connected wherever you are. With this feature, you can easily handle calls on the go, without the need to reach for your phone. It's a game-changer that keeps you connected and hands-free, enhancing your communication experience.


    Alexa Voice Assistant Built-in

    Embrace the power of voice control with Alexa voice assistant. This revolutionary feature allows you to effortlessly manage various aspects of your life right from your wrist. From checking the weather and controlling your smart home to adding items to your shopping list, Alexa is there to assist you every step of the way. Experience a new level of convenience and connectivity with the magic of voice commands.


    100+ Sports Modes

    Take your fitness journey to the next level. Our advanced algorithms provide accurate and detailed tracking for over 100 sports modes*. Whether you're into running, cycling, swimming, or any other activity, our smart watch ensures you have the right data to optimise your performance. With professional-grade precision, you can push your limits, set new goals, and achieve remarkable results.


    Heart Rate Monitor

    Take control of your health and fitness with the integrated heart rate monitor. Designed to automatically track your heart rate throughout the day and night, this feature provides you with valuable insights into your cardiovascular health. Whether you're exercising, resting, or simply going about your day, our smart watch keeps a watchful eye on your heart, ensuring you stay in tune with your body.


    Blood Oxygen Monitor

    Your well-being is our priority. Our smart watch goes beyond heart rate monitoring by automatically tracking your blood oxygen levels (SpO2). This crucial health metric provides insights into your body's oxygen saturation levels and can even notify you if they drop too low. With this feature, you can proactively monitor your respiratory health and take appropriate actions when necessary.


    Sleep Quality Tracker 

    Unlock the secrets of a good night's sleep. Our advanced sleep tracking technology monitors your sleep quality and provides you with a comprehensive analysis. Gain valuable insights into your sleep patterns, including duration, deep sleep, light sleep, and REM cycles. Armed with this knowledge, you can adjust your lifestyle leading to a healthier and more rejuvenating rest.


    All-Day Activity Tracker

    Stay motivated and keep moving with automatic activity tracking. It records your steps, distance, calories burned, and even tracks the miles/kilometres you've walked. Whether you're on a fitness journey or simply aiming for a more active lifestyle, our smart watch keeps you accountable and aware of your progress. Set goals, challenge yourself, and embrace an active life with confidence.



    Stay connected and in the loop with our notifications feature. Receive call, text, and notifications from your favourite apps** conveniently on your wrist. Never miss an important message or update again. With instant alerts, you can stay informed, effortlessly manage your communication, and stay focused on what matters most to you.


    100+ Watch Faces

    Express your unique style with our smart watch, featuring over 100 watch face designs to choose from. From classic to contemporary, minimalistic to vibrant, our extensive collection allows you to personalize your device and match it with any occasion or mood. Want something truly personal? You can even upload your own photos of loved ones to create a customized watch face that tells your story.





    Music Control

    Play, pause and skip songs playing on your favourite music app all from your wrist without needing to take out your phone.


    Guided Breathing

    Using the guided breathing feature on the Delvfire Ultra can help lower blood pressure, reduce stress and lessen anxiety.


    Weather Forecast

    Stay one step ahead of the weather with a quick swipe to see real-time weather and a 3-day forecast.


    Sedentary Reminder

    Stay motivated to move with a friendly reminder if you're inactive for too long.


    Women's Health

    Menstrual health tracking and notifications to help predict periods and see your estimated fertile window.



    Turn your watch into a temporary torch, ideal in a power cut or simply when you don't want to turn on lights at night.


    Camera Control

    Trigger your smartphone's camera by tapping a button on your smart watch - ideal for taking photos at a distance***


    50m Waterproof

    This smartwatch is the perfect companion for aquatic adventures and water sports enthusiasts alike.


    * For a full list of supported sports/activities, please refer to the PDF specification sheet.

    ** For a full list of supported apps, please refer to the PDF specification sheet.

    *** Your smart phone needs to be within 10m (30 feet) of your smart watch in order for camera control to work correctly.


    £49.99 Regular Price
    £39.99Sale Price

      • Time, date & day (12hr / 24hr format)
      • Language: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese
      • Alexa: Voice Commands
      • Watch Faces: 100+ watch face designs, photo watch face
      • Updates: Firmware updates over the air (via VeryFit)
      • Bluetooth Calls: Make/receive, favourite contacts, call history, dial pad
      • Activity Monitor: Heart rate, sleep, pedometer, calorie, distance (mi/km), stress, wear detection
      • Automatic Measurements: Heart rate, blood oxygen (SpO2), stress, sleep
      • Phone Camera Control: Via Bluetooth
      • Guided Breathing: 1, 3, 5 and 10-minute breathing exercises
      • Activity log: Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
      • Health & fitness goals and celebrations
      • Women's Health:Period days, predicted period, ovulation days, ovulation
      • 100+ Sports Modes: See specification download for a full list of supported sports.
      • Connected GPS*: Walking, running, hiking and cycling
      • Weather: Manual/automatic location, 3-day forecast
      • Music Control: Play, pause, skip forward, skip back, track name display, volume control
      • Stopwatch: Start, stop, pause, split
      • Alarm Clock: Time, repeat: every day, weekdays, weekends, individual days
      • Timer: 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60-minute presets, manual
      • Sleep Monitor: Light, Deep, REM, Awake
      • Locate Phone: Sound audio alarm on phone from watch)
      • Flashlight: Yes
      • Power Saving Mode: Yes
      • Water Purge: Flushes water from speaker/mic
      • Screen Brightness: 5-levels (20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%)
      • Ringer Volume: Yes
      • Vibration Intensity: Weak, moderate, strong
      • Silent Mode: Disables sound but still vibrates
      • Do Not Disturb (DND): All-day, specified time period
      • Screen On Time: 5-20 seconds
      • Wake Gesture: Llift wrist to turn on screen (Enable/Disable)
      • Power: On/Off
      • Restart: Yes
      • Factory Reset: Yes
      • Apple Health integration
      • Google Fit integration
      • Reminders & Notifcations: See specification download for a full list.


      * Connected GPS: The watch uses your phone's GPS to record a map of your route.


      This watch requires an Apple or Android smartphone running:


      • Apple iOS 9.0 or above.
      • Android 6.0 or above.


      If you are unsure which version you are running, do the following:


      • Apple: Open Settings > General > About > iOS Version.
      • Android: Open Settings > About Phone > Software information > Android version.


      There is currently no support for Windows or Mac. 


      A full PDF specification available for download here.

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